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In 2022, we decided to use our expertise in digital marketing and industry connections to create an opportunity for both buyers and sellers in the vanity mirror market. Our goal was to showcase the smaller, less well-known websites that provide a platform for designers and dealers to promote their products.

However, during the pandemic, large corporations have continued to grow and dominate the market through their strong SEO and digital marketing strategies. This made it difficult for smaller suppliers to compete.

Our aim was to level the playing field and bring attention to the unique and creative styles that have emerged in recent years. We wanted to build a business that would benefit everyone, while still providing excellent customer service and showing appreciation for our clients.

Thank you for finding out more about Jones vanity mirrors, the premiere vanity mirrors company. Thank you for showing interest in our company and project which is a true passion of ours. Although we may be smaller in size compared to other companies in the market, our customers hold a special place in our hearts and drive all of our decisions.

About us
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