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All of our Square Vanity Mirrors are sourced from the United Kingdom and undergo quality testing for durability, longevity, and safety.
We stock Square Vanity Mirrors from all shapes and sizes.
We offer a variety of Square Vanity Mirrors in different shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional to contemporary and unique designs.

Why Jones Vanity Mirrors?

Jones Vanity Mirrors noticed a lack of variety and emphasis on Square Vanity Mirrors designs, as well as a scarcity of opportunities for independent designers to promote their products. As a result, we established a platform to bring these talented individuals to the forefront and offer them exposure in the market.
Our goal is not to create a monopoly, but to provide a level playing field for all Square Vanity Mirrors businesses, regardless of size. We aim to bring attention to the creativity, passion, and expertise that goes into every hand-made Vanity Mirror and to support the smaller businesses in the industry.
We believe in offering quality products and services to our customers, and to that end, we use our digital marketing skills and resources to make sure that a broad range of Square Vanity Mirrors are readily available on our website. We are a smaller business compared to others in the market, but our customers remain at the core of our business and we strive to always put their needs first.

Our commitment to customers

At Jones Vanity Mirrors, our top priority is serving our customers and supporting independent designers. We ensure a smooth and secure shopping experience, with fast delivery and appropriate packaging. Our Square Vanity Mirrors are carefully crafted by hand from high-quality materials to ensure both durability and beauty.
We believe that Square Vanity Mirrors should not only be functional, but also add a touch of elegance to any room in the house. We have recognized the need to promote and showcase the unique designs and styles created by boutique shops. To achieve this, we traveled the United Kingdom to handpick the most distinctive hand-made Vanity Mirrors.
We believe that Square Vanity Mirrors should not only be functional, but also add a touch of elegance to any room in the house. We have recognized the need to promote and showcase the unique designs and styles created by boutique shops.
To achieve this, we traveled the United Kingdom to handpick the most distinctive hand-made Square Vanity Mirrors.
Our Square Vanity Mirrors come in a range of colors, sizes, materials, and designs, some of which are exclusive to the creator’s store. By purchasing from us, you can be confident that you are supporting independent creators and helping them receive a fair share of the profits

What makes our Square Vanity Mirrors special?

We understand that purchasing a Square Vanity Mirrors is not just about practicality, but also about making a statement and expressing one’s personal style. That’s why we work hard to provide a wide variety of unique and high-quality Vanity Mirrors that can suit any taste and interior design.
Our aim is to make it easy and convenient for people to purchase Square Vanity Mirrors online without sacrificing quality or design.
With advancements in technology, we can now offer a vast selection of Square Vanity Mirrors at competitive prices.
In conclusion, our goal is to provide customers with the most beautiful and functional Square Vanity Mirrors that will complement their homes and reflect their individual styles. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and satisfaction with every purchase.
Any Square Vanity Mirrors you buy will be an extension of both your house and who you are.

Why buy our Square Vanity Mirrors rather than name brands?

Our aim is to provide access to the finest quality Square Vanity Mirrors to as many people as possible. While there may be larger companies with a better reputation in the market, we believe in fair compensation for our vendors.
By paying them the highest rate possible, we not only support their livelihood but also ensure the production of top-notch Square Vanity Mirrors.
We take pride in both the quality of the Square Vanity Mirrors we offer and the impact our business has on the lives of our suppliers.
Our Square Vanity Mirrors are not just functional pieces of furniture, but works of art, and we want to share that artistry with as many people as possible.

What makes our Square Vanity Mirrors better than others?

Our Square Vanity Mirrors are unique and of high quality because they are crafted by various independent businesses located throughout the United Kingdom, including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. These regional vendors provide us with a variety of innovative and artistic products that showcase their individuality.
The Square Vanity Mirrors we offer are a true reflection of the makers’ passion, skill, and creativity. They are carefully designed and handmade to ensure that they are both durable and visually appealing.
We take pride in supporting local British businesses by purchasing our Square Vanity Mirrors directly from them. This not only ensures fast and secure delivery but also helps to boost the local economy. By buying locally, we are committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

Why buy our Square Vanity Mirrors?

Create a comfortable space: Square Vanity Mirrors with lights, adjustable heights, and a spacious tabletop create an inviting and comfortable space where you can relax, get ready, and feel confident.
Enhance lighting: Good lighting is important for grooming and getting ready, especially for those who wear makeup or require precision in their grooming routine. Our Square Vanity Mirrors come with lighting options that can be adjusted to your preferred brightness and color temperature.
Expand storage: Square Vanity Mirrors often come with drawers, shelves, or cabinets that offer extra storage for cosmetics, skin care, jewelry, and other personal items. This not only helps keep your space organized, but also frees up space in your dresser or closet.
Customizable: Our Square Vanity Mirrors can be customized to fit your specific needs and style preferences, whether you prefer a minimalist look or a more decorative one. From the size and shape of the mirror to the type of lighting and storage options, you can choose the features that best suit your needs.

Best thing about our Square Vanity Mirrors

With the help of our Square Vanity Mirrors, you can make the most of natural light and enhance your self-care routine. The placement of the mirror and the surrounding lights can also have a significant impact on the way you look, so it’s essential to choose the right setup for your room.
Additionally, you can use the surface of the Square Vanity Mirrors as an additional storage area, which can be convenient for small bedrooms or spaces. You can keep all of your beauty products, skincare products, and jewelry in one place, saving you time and making your morning routine easier.
In conclusion, our Square Vanity Mirrors provide a stylish and functional addition to any bedroom or dressing area, while providing numerous benefits like saving space, improving aesthetics, and aiding in your self-care routine.
Whether you’re searching for a traditional or contemporary style, our wide range of Square Vanity Mirrors is sure to offer the perfect choice for you.


Most frequent questions and answers
We believe that supporting local artisans and designers is essential to preserving unique and high-quality products. By partnering with these small businesses, we are not only promoting their work but also helping to build a community of artists and artisans who are dedicated to their craft. Our Vanity Mirrors are not only practical and functional but also serve as beautiful pieces of art in your home. They are designed to add a touch of elegance to any room while also serving a practical purpose.

It’s important to note that shipping times can vary depending on the location of the customer and the availability of the product. In general, it takes anywhere from a few days to several weeks for the delivery to arrive. Some factors that can influence shipping times include shipping method, order processing times, and product availability.

If you have specific concerns about shipping times for a particular product, you can reach out to the vendor directly for more information. They will be able to provide you with an estimate of when you can expect your order to arrive. Additionally, you can also check the product page for any shipping information or delivery estimates.

It’s important to note that the return policy for Jones Vanity Mirrors can vary from store to store. However, as a general guideline, most stores allow for returns within 30 days of receipt with proper notice. If your Vanity Mirrors arrives damaged or is not what you ordered, you may be eligible for a replacement. In other cases, you can reach out to us to discuss the potential for a return.
The window for exchanging your Vanity Mirrors is usually 14 days and depends on the store you purchased it from. Currently, unfortunately no further options are available for the moment.
Currently, you have the option to pay for your Vanity Mirrors. using a credit or debit card. In the near future, we plan to add PayPal and other payment methods for your convenience.
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